No:                             AAAAAAAA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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1. During Fever give plenty of liquids   e.g.: water, milk, juices, ORS.


2. When baby has fever, never cover your baby with warm  clothing, blankets & sweaters.  Always use very thin &    minimum clothing and see that the room is well ventilated.


3. Record baby’s temperature in the armpit and temperature  of 100*F & more is considered as fever. Only then use Syp.Paracetamol (proper dose). You may repeat Paracetamol   every-6hrs if required.  (i.e. Temp. > 100*F)


4. When temperature rises more than 102*F, give an extra   dose of Syp. Paracetamol and do the sponging of the whole   body using wet towel & continue sponging till the temperature  comes below 102*F.


5. In spite of Sponging for 1hr, if the temperature  remains above 102*F, you may use Syp.Ibuprofen   (proper dose) and consult your doctor.