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1.    Till what age are children seen in the clinic?

A child is a child till it becomes an adult that is till the age of 18 years.


2.   How do I get to speak to the doctor?

·         Call doctor’s mobile only in case of emergency

·         Before dialing the doctor keep pen & paper ready to note down the advise.

·         If the doctor is busy, assistant will help you in getting your queries answered.

·         To enquire availability of the doctor, please call- reception- desk .


3.   What do I do if my child develops high fever in the middle of the night?

First of all, do not panic. Remove extra clothing, give plenty of fluids, do a  tepid sponging of the whole body, and administer an age appropriate dose of Paracetamol (Dolopar, Calpol) And If still worried, you can always bring the child to the hospitals mentioned in  Emergencies tab .You may also call your Doctor on his mobile for advice.     


4.   My child has been vomiting continuously. What do I do?

The first thing to do is to ensure adequate hydration of the child. A child with vomiting may ask for, but may not be able to retain large amounts of fluid. Give small quantities (sips) of electolyte containing fluids like ORS (Electral, Electrobion, Punarjal), tender coconut water, buttermilk with a little salt added, soups etc. at frequent intervals. Anti-vomiting medicine-proper dose (Domstal 1mg/ml) may be administered. If vomiting persists, bring child to the hospital.


5.   My child is complaining of severe stomach pain. What do I give him?

As simple as worms in the intestines, to something as urgent as appendicitis. Always take the child immediately to the nearest hospital. Antispasmodics like Cyclopam may be given for immediate relief.


6.   My child just does not eat. What do I do?

Probably the commonest question faced by me, and the one that gives most mothers sleepless nights, and ulcers! Most of the time if the activity, growth and development of the child is normal, the best thing you can do is to leave the child alone. Wait for the child to get hungry. Cut down on unnecessary calories like chocolates, chips, sweets etc. The child is the best judge of the quantity of food it needs.


7.   My child keeps getting cold and fever repeatedly. What food and fruits should I avoid?

The answer is none. The reason is that food and fruits have very little to do with causing or aggravating cold. Fever, cold, throat pain etc are most often caused by microorganisms like viruses and bacteria, and these are spread through the air & water. You may have noticed that your child was all right during the summer holidays, and the frequency of cold, cough and fever has increased once school has started.

Simple measures to reduce occurrence of colds and fever would be: keeping people with cold and fever away from the child, strict hand washing before touching, feeding or bathing of the child, ensuring proper cross ventilation and air circulation in the house and classroom, avoiding overcrowding, not sending a sick child to school for a few days etc